Getting Lost in Magical Venice

If I’m being honest, my expectations for Venice were pretty low. I had heard it was dirty and crowded so I tacked on our one night in the area as the necessary must do place when you are in Italy. I’m really glad we did. It ended up being way cooler than I imagined. Our Airbnb was in the Mestre area which is a ten minute bus ride to the entrance of Venice. It wasn’t fancy but it totally did the job.

I’m also really glad we stayed outside the city. The entrance bridge that leads in to the pedestrianized Venice is teeming with weary tourists trying to drag their luggage in to the canal surrounded city.


We spent four blissful hours just wandering around checking out the unique vibe of Venice.

Of course, there was an ice cream pit stop.

And we found a cool hole in the wall pizzeria to grab a bite to eat.


As it was our ten year wedding anniversary, there may have been little jewelry pit stop.

By hour five, our legs were starting to ache and the heat was starting to swelter. It was around this time we realized we were completely lost and our phones were about to die! Fast thinking on Wyatt’s part saved the day. He popped in to a nearby hotel and grabbed a paper map. It took us about twenty minutes but we found our way out of the maze that is Venice.

So glad we tacked Venice on to the trip. It was a wonderful afternoon!

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