Travelling around the Lake Como region.

The first stop on our Northern Italian adventure was in the Lake Como vicinity. Lake Segrino to be exact! We like to stay off the beat and track when we do these trips. It usually saves money on the accommodation, and I think you get to know the place a little more authentically.

Lake Segrino in itself is a cool little place. This was the view from our Airbnb window.

The kiddos discovered a checkers set and Wyatt taught them how to play it. The joys of not being able to understand Italian TV!

Lake Segrino has it’s own little lake beach and that’s where the kids spent their evenings cooling off.

There’s also a tiny, charming town you can wander through.

The next day we got up early and took the short 30 minute drive to Lake Como. Lake Como is BIG with many towns scattered around its perimeter. Since we only had one day to explore, we decided to take in two of the towns- Bellagio and Varenna. (And now I know where many of the Vegas hotels get their names from!) The views on the drive were gorgeous and of course we found a playground perched atop Lake Como.

We parked just outside of the town of Bellagio and started exploring its winding, narrow alleyways and steep stairways.

After a couple of hours exploring, we decided another Lake Como town might be in order. There’s a little ferry that chugs you across the lake and we drank in the views with our eyes.

I loved Varenna! If you only visit one place on Lake Como, for me personally- it has to be this gorgeous, fishing village that you can (and we did for a minute!) get lost in.

Lake Como is famous for its many villas (apparently George Clooney owns one of them) and a few of them have public access. We chose to visit Villa Monastero as it is known for its gardens. It did not disappoint!

Even though the gardens are impressive, the villa itself is not that big…..which suited us just fine as we had been walking for hours at this stage!

We left Lake Como happily exhausted and ready for the next stint of the Italian adventure. Next up- the Italian Alps.

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