The Family Adventure Continues- Northern Italy.

Wyatt and I took five weeks off ‘regular’ life last year, took our then four and six year old, and travelled around Slovenia and Craotia. And we caught The Bug.This year we are going to take two weeks and explore Northern Italy. I loved looking back at the blog on those grey Seattle January days and reliving last summer’s adventure. So I am resurrecting this space as a way to preserve these precious travel memories together. The kids are a year older (and easier) and dare I say we have somewhat of a successful routine down at this stage.Not gonna lie- yesterday was a looooonnnggg travel day. Seattle to Dublin with a five hour layover. (It was weird to be home, but not really home!) And then onto Milan.Flight delays, immigration, luggage pick up and car rental mix ups……and we fell into our Airbnb beds at 1am last night. Milan is just our first night’s resting place. Off to Lake Como today to really get this trip kicked off. Who knows- maybe we will see a celebrity or two…..

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