And we’re off!

Day one of the big adventure. We’re sitting at Seatac airport as I write this. Not going to lie, I may have turned into the crazy credit card lady this past year. The travel credit cards I opened pretty much funded our trip. It saved us thousands! I could give The Points Guy a run for his money at this stage. One of the cards we opened gets us access to the lounges, and when you are travelling on your own with a four and six year old….well it’s really lovely!

My four year old is currently obsessed (I mean obsessed!) with trains. So when he discovered the lounge has a grand view of the many light rail trains flying past the window, excited screeches of “Choo Choos! CHOOOO CHOOOOS!” have been echoing around the room. I’ve given up telling him the lounge is a quiet zone. It’s just. so. exciting!

Here’s to many hours of screen time. We’re coming for you Dublin!

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