Thanks, Penneys!

What to do on your first day when you’re jet-lagged to the high heavens because you woke at 2.30am (6.30pm Seattle time), and your body is wide awake and ready to partay? You do your annual shopping trip to the Irish store that kits out your kids for the entire year……Penneys!!!

It’s like the clouds opened on an otherwise cloudy day, and a chorus of baby angels serenaded us!

My American friends might be wondering what Penneys is? Penneys is a store that is to fashion as Southwest is to flying. If you like to shop and ever visit Ireland, you will definitely want to pop by a Penneys. Although I’m not sure there is such a thing as ‘popping by ‘ Penneys. When I took my American friend there a few years ago, it was hard to get her out of there. Several hours were spent wandering the isles.

Check this link out if you do ‘pop by’. Tip Number 7 is the one that resonates with me; “It’s very simple. If someone compliments any part of your outfit, you MUST say “Thanks, Penneys!” and you MUST tell them the price. It’s the rule.” Really! The urban legend goes that tourists have gone back to their own country thinking “Thanks, Penneys!” was just how to say thank you in Ireland- it is said on such a regular basis!

As an Irish woman living in the US, the annual Penneys trip is a must when I go home. If I pick things up for myself in Penneys, chances are 300 other Cork women will also own that same top. But when I go back to the States, it’s a five dollar hot commodity that I can pretend cost me an arm and a leg!

The kids did so well- bribes of ice-cream afterwards definitely helped.

The other Irish store that I visit when I come home is Dunnes Stores. My sister n law is from Canada and it is one of her faves when she comes this direction. There was some gorgeous kid’s stuff in there today. We spotted a few bits for my mom as well.


Overall my six year old made out like a bandit today. I don’t think I’ll have to buy clothes for her for the rest of the year! The four year old didn’t do too badly either.

Some of the loot! We picked up some Irish jerseys for the kids for a tenner in Dunnes (top right corner).
My daughter’s pile for right now. There’s another one for the next year up.

Not a bad way to get over jet lag!

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