One Week To Go…….


This is my last week at work before the sabbatical. It’s going to be a pretty manic one with transitioning the class to their new teacher and hosting parent conferences……but totally, totally worth it!

Not many teachers can say they are taking a three month paid sabbatical! I know how lucky I am. At our school, if you have worked there for ten years- you can apply for the program. This is my eleventh year working at my amazing school. And I was so delighted when the sabbatical was granted to me!

We plan on visiting family and friends in Ireland for the first four weeks (sans Wyatt). Wyatt will come join us for five weeks as we drive from Slovenia down through Croatia, and spend the last week in Dubrovnik with my Mom and Dad, and my sister and her family. Then the kids and I will take four weeks and actually travel around Ireland. It’s been a while since I’ve done the tourist thing at home. We plan on taking in Galway, Wicklow, Antrim, Louth and Wexford.


We took Rick Steve’s two week guide to Slovenia and Croatia and extended it to five weeks.

Instead of inundating my social media with pictures and stories from the trip, I plan on using this space to keep a record of it all. It’s really more for myself- on those grey Seattle January loooonnnggg days- to look back on and enjoy.

I just need to get this last week in the books and then it’s Bon Voyage for a while………….

2 thoughts on “One Week To Go…….

  1. How fabulous for you all and well deserved. I still have lots of great memories from my wanderings 10 years ago. I shall follow your travels vicariously through the blog. We’ll be back in Seattle by early April and then over to UK for 5 weeks. Hope to see you in late summer.

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