A Stunning Evening In The Hilltop Town of Assisi

Assisi is a stunning pilgrimage town set high up in the Umbria hills of central Italy. This might be my favorite adventure from our two week trip. I will say the drive into this gem of a town was more than a little hairy!! Google Maps basically sent us up-hill a pedestrianized tiny road that looked like the one below, while a massive group of tourists were on a guided walking tour. Wyatt had to eek the car through the extremely narrow, walled, medieval street while trying not to roll over the (what seemed like) hundreds of clueless tourists

This happened not once…..but twice!

The stress and tension in the car was at an all time high as Wyatt navigated us to our destination. The Airbnb was not easy to find…..

….but when we did find it, the views from the upstairs bedroom window were simply stunning!

There was a small, amazing restaurant across from the Airbnb and after taking a beat from the treacherous drive into the quaint town, and filling our bellies, we were ready to start exploring.

The first thing we did was check out The Temple of Minerva with its ancient Roman columns and beautiful clock tower.

It is perched upon Piazza del Comune, a lively square right in the heart of Assisi.

There’s a Harry Potter store in the vicinity. Ro was in heaven!

Saint Francis was actually born and died in the town which makes it one of the most important pilgrim destinations in Italy. Monks, priests and nuns are noticeable among the many people exploring the streets.

Next, we discovered the Basilica Di Santa Chiara. It was founded by Saint Clare in 1257 and her tomb lies inside its walls.

Not surprisingly, there are religious buildings all over this town. The Cathedral of San Rafino was where Saint Francis and Saint Clare were baptized.

The kiddos spotted some locals playing soccer behind the church and slowed down to take a peek.

Chiesa Nuova was a hidden little church we stumbled upon. Apparently it sits upon Saint Francis’s childhood home.

The most popular tourist attraction/ pilgrimage center of the region is The Basilica of Saint Francis. It is home to the tomb of Saint Francis. As our Airbnb overlooked the basilica we explored it last.

There was a private, cozy overlook of the basilica right below our Airbnb and we ended up watching the sun sink behind the horizon to these incredible views.

Also fitting that an old- time English pilgrim who had spent over six months walking to Assisi from Jerusalem happened to be there at the same time and shared his story with us. It was the perfect way to spend our ten year wedding anniversary.

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