A Stroll by the River Lee

My four year old turns to me this morning, “Even Mom…..even….it’s a very dirty day.” Yes KJ! It’s a grey, drizzly, dirty, soft, Irish type of a day in Cork. Do we

A. Sit on the couch and watch telly or

B. Take a stroll by the River Lee and see where the morning takes us?

Yep. We decided to pull on the hats and coats and take a gander into Fitzgerald’s Park.

Daly’s Bridge, locally known as The Shakey Bridge, is a suspension bridge spanning the River Lee and links Sunday’s Well to Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork. It was windy this morning so the kiddos really got to feel the shake!

The highlight of the morning was a fab trip to Fitzgerald’s Park. Have I mentioned my kids LOVE playgrounds??? And Fitzgerald’s Park has an awesome one!

The rest of the park is filled with fountains, cool structures, a Cork history museum and a couple of magical fairy doors.

Good old Michael and Dev stand proud, guarding the park from the corners.

A lovely outing to Fitzgerald’s Park and stroll by the River Lee.