Croatia’s Korcula Island: No Filter Needed.

Now we come to the Croatian Island portion of the adventure. I am not the best on boats and Korcula Island is a three and a half hour ferry ride from Split to Vela Luka. The three hours of queasiness were totally worth it because this place is a feast for the eyes. We got to spend four days on this stunning island.

Our Airbnb was on the other side of the island from Korcula Old Town (about an hour away) in the teeny tiny village of Karbuni. Listen- I’m from Ireland! I know all about skinny rural roads! But Oh Man! The road to get down to Karbuni was something else. A ‘two-way’ road that can barely fit one car, with lots of blind corners and tiny ‘pull over’ spots in case you do happen to encounter another car. The views though- just breathtaking.



On Day Two we took a spin over to the other side of the island to Korcula Old Town. The town is described as the love child between Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Ocean. It was a lovely afternoon spent strolling the little town and grabbing some fish and chips for lunch.


Did you know Marco Polo was born here? We checked out his supposed childhood house. Why you would leave this island to go searching for anywhere else is beyond me!

And then the kids spotted a little red submarine….and we spent the evening under the sea. The photos don’t portray the schools of fish we spotted out the window.

The captain even let the two littles have a turn steering the submarine ship.

The next morning was a rare rainy morning for Korcula so we spent some time driving around checking out some of the beaches of Lumbarda.

And then Wyatt spotted this sign…..

…and a plan was hatched for the next day. The dune buggying around Korcula Island on a glorious Friday morning has been one of the highlights of the trip so far!

We stopped at various points including a tower and a beach.

After the tour, our guide, Bronko, took us into his home and fed us homemade cheese and crepes and offered us homemade wine and brandy.

We will miss you Korcula. The color of the water there will forever be sketched in my memory. Next up- Dubrovnik!

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