A Stop For Lunch Between Zadar and Split: Historic Sibenik

There’s a lot of potential places to stop off and have a nose around between Zadar and Split if you take the coastal drive. We have traveled a lot the last few weeks, so we wanted just one town where we could fill our bellies before landing into our next Airbnb near Split. We decided on the charming, historic town of Sibenik. There’s the usual old Croatian town church, bell tower, cathedral and lovely narrow medieval streets inside a towering town wall.

When we arrive into a Slovenian or Croatian town we have never been to before and have absolutely no idea where the good restaurants are, we google “Cheap Eats Insert Town Name Here.” Travel advisor pops up with its ten best cheap eats in that city. This technique has yet to let us down. Today it was Restaurant More in Sibenik and it was great! We met the owner and she made us feel like family.

As we left the town, we came across something really unusual and special. Just on the outskirts of the town, there is a mossy green fountain. It had what we thought were statues of little turtles….and all of a sudden one of the turtles moved! The kids were enthralled.


And then one of the hairiest driving moments of the trip happened. The GPS sent us down one of the narrowest streets I have ever seen. There was maybe a centimeter on either side of the car! I exaggerate not!! And it was a two-way street!!! I have no photos as we were sweating bricks and trying not to poop our pants! It felt something like this except with an SUV….


Wyatt was a champ and got us out of there. It was a half hour before we were breathing normally again! Next up- Split!

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